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George E. Pickett

By Gar LaSalle | July 7, 2013

July 4th One Hundred and Fifty years ago today, Robert E. Lee, in an ill conceived battle plan, sent Major General George E. Pickett to lead a frontal attack – to march his troops up over one mile of gradually sloping prairie against a well entrenched Union force on Cemetery Ridge of the little Pennsylvania…

Designing a Cover for Widow Walk

By Gar LaSalle | June 12, 2013

The design of cover and artwork has been part of the joy for this project.  As soon as my excellent editor, Sherry Roberts,  finished her second set of edits on the manuscript, I began working with artists for the cover.  Attached below are several early concept drawings and photographs by Carey Pelto, MD,  Randy Mott…

First Readings and New Award

By Gar LaSalle | May 27, 2013

5-27-13 I am pleased to announce that the first edition of Widow Walk has been selected as Finalist for Historical Fiction in the  2013 Indie Excellence Awards.    2013 Indie Award—Finalist Historical Fiction As I mentioned in my last entry, both the British and US desired control of the Pacific Northwest’s strategically located San Juan…

The book is launched – background for the mid nineteenth century Pacific Northwest – new endorsements!

By Gar LaSalle | May 11, 2013

Widow Walk is set in mid nineteenth century Pacific Northwest region, called the Oregon Country, which included parts of present day Washington state and Vancouver B.C. Isaac Ebey and settlers from various countries were drawn to Oregon Country due to the geography and climate of the area.  Farmers came for the rich, fertile soil, plentiful…

The Backstory on Gar LaSalle

By Gar LaSalle | April 22, 2013

Have been on the East Coast (Knoxville, Nashville, Orlando) since the beginning of March.  This next week I present an overview of our Patient Safety Organization for the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) in Washington DC.  Will return the PNW briefly to Walla Walla then return finally for a few weeks in May…

Welcome to the Widow Walk Saga blog!

By Gar LaSalle | April 9, 2013

My name is Gar LaSalle and I’d like to welcome you to my Widow Walk Stories blog. Widow Walk is a historical fiction novel I have just released based around real events that occurred in the mid-nineteenth century Pacific Northwest involving  conflict between “aboriginal” native American tribes and the early settlers of the coastal British…

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