Writing and the Splendor of Solitude

At every book reading and presentation, I have been asked questions about how I go about my writing: whether my process is compulsive/disciplined or impulsive/inspired, where I write and how frequently. My answer is that I am impulsively compulsive. I write when I have something to write and am disciplined only about preserving the […]

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Cross Dressing Warriors in the Civil War

One of the characters our Emmy Evers meets in Book Three of the Widow Walk Saga, The Fairness of Beasts, is a young woman who disguises herself as a Union soldier in order to be close to her lover.

Cross dressing was not uncommon. Although both the Union and Confederacy forbade women to enlist and women distinguished […]

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The Butterfly Victim

Last evening I had the opportunity to see (again) and hear Madame Butterfly, the Puccini 1904 grand opera set in 19th century Nagasaki, Japan. This version was produced by the excellent local company Lyric Opera Northwest whose mission is to provide classical operatic venues in which local talented young singers can perform with seasoned […]

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Dying in America

In October, I participated in the 2014 Scientific Assembly of the American College of Emergency Medicine in Chicago, an annual gathering of physicians, businesses and educators that I have been attending since 1974. It is always interesting and since my first meeting, which I filmed as a physician-filmmaker, I have been fascinated by the […]

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Hunting on the Continental Divide

Looking out from the Continental Divide at Sunset
Diary Entry
December 22nd, 2014: I am at 7800 feet from the Continental Divide in New Mexico, competing with a large mountain lion and a pack of coyotes for the elusive North American Great Elk. I know the competitors are there because I have glassed a wounded cow elk […]

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Inevitable Questions at Book-Signings…Changing Careers

Common Questions at Book Signings…Career Change: Physician/Educator to Historical Fiction Author

With the publication of Isthmus today, Christmas 2014, I am now scheduled to tour the book and present it at a number of gatherings.  Likely, as I have in the past with Widow Walk, I will discuss the creation of the cover art as a […]

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Working the Next Sculpture

These two pieces will be bronze with a black patina – wall mounts as a backdrop for an outdoor courtyard fountain.  The smaller of the two pieces is 4′ x 6′,  the larger piece is 13′ x 6′.   I decided to do this in bronze because it will weather better than granite or […]

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Spirit and Communication

We are in Charboneau les Bains au Lyon, in the Rhone Valley, the “gastronomic capital” of France, exploring the ancient city, its countryside and sampling the differences between Parisian and Lyonese cuisine.  It is a welcome rest from the hassle-hustle of the business life from which I soon retire and the quietude of this […]

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Angels and Lecterns

We returned to New Orleans this past week to meet with over 800 medical directors of our nation-wide Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Hospitalist, Orthopedics and OB/GYN services.  During the three day event, we listened to several speakers, including former HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt, discuss healthcare financing, leadership, management and clinical topics, frame the future and […]

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Defense Attorneys and “Diary of a Moonlighter”

I just returned from New Orleans where I had the opportunity to present two topics to 160 of the attorneys whose 140 firms represent TEAMHealth in various venues throughout the country.  We are fortunate that in our management of over 12 million annual patient care encounters in our Emergency Departments, Hospital In-Patient care, Anesthesiology […]

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