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Dying in America

In October, I participated in the 2014 Scientific Assembly of the American College of Emergency Medicine in Chicago, an annual gathering of physicians, businesses and educators that I have been attending since 1974. It is always interesting and since my first meeting, which I filmed as a physician-filmmaker, I have been fascinated by the […]

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Does Isaac Rest?


It has been rumored that spirits haunt the fertile Ebey plateau.

Some have said that on moonlit nights, looking southward from the crest of the tiny cemetery where the headless body of Isaac Ebey is interred with those of many other mid-nineteenth century Whidbey Island settlers, a pale specter can be seen crossing […]

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Physician Writer – An Interview

I was recently interviewed by publishing expert Kelsye Nelson. We talked about my background in medicine and transition into the literary world with the Widow Walk saga, a historical fiction series.


Interview Preview:

Dr. LaSalle, I’ve noticed that there are a growing number of physicians who have become accomplished authors. Why did you choose to write historical fiction when so […]

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Another Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – Wild Goose – 15 Bean Stew


The hunting trips in Canada during the winter are memorable because of the abundance of wild game that moves south. The geese should be harvested during their winter migration, preferably from grain fields, as they will have stored a lot of fat in preparation for their long journey.  We hunted in freezing weather from […]

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Another Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – "Elk Sugo for Pasta or Bread"

Elk roast is lean and sweet and imparts a much different texture and flavor than beef.  That’s why I hunt for it.


3-5  lbs Elk Loin Roast – you can substitute with lean beef, caribou or buffalo

4-6 Italian hot or fennel sausage, or bratwurst

1 half sweet onion, minced

20 slices of dried Porcini or Shiitake mushrooms

3 […]

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A Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – Wild Boar (Cinghiale) Blue Corn Posole Soup with Sausage

As dangerous as a wild boar can be in the wild, I dislike hunting for them in modern “hunts” which involve the use of dogs, GPS locators and motorized vehicles that keep the hunter far away and high above the tusks of the angry animal.  That was the way I experienced it at least […]

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Hunting on the Continental Divide

Looking out from the Continental Divide at Sunset
Diary Entry
December 22nd, 2014: I am at 7800 feet from the Continental Divide in New Mexico, competing with a large mountain lion and a pack of coyotes for the elusive North American Great Elk. I know the competitors are there because I have glassed a wounded cow elk […]

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Book Guide and Discussion Questions for Isthmus

Our publisher has asked that we add study questions for both Widow Walk and its sequel, Isthmus. Ten of the following questions are included in the paper back and e-book versions of Isthmus.

Isthmus Book Guide and Discussion Questions:

1. The 1849 discovery of gold in California dramatically increased the travel across the Panamanian isthmus.  For several years, the local economy […]

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Reader’s Guide and Book Discussion Questions for Widow Walk

At the request of our publisher, we are adding a reader’s guide with questions for discussion groups and book clubs. Ten of these have been added to the forthcoming paperback edition of Widow Walk.

Widow Walk Book Guide and Discussion Questions:

1. Widow Walk has been compared to Last of the Mohicans and Cold Mountain. How is this […]

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Inevitable Questions at Book-Signings…Changing Careers

Common Questions at Book Signings…Career Change: Physician/Educator to Historical Fiction Author

With the publication of Isthmus today, Christmas 2014, I am now scheduled to tour the book and present it at a number of gatherings.  Likely, as I have in the past with Widow Walk, I will discuss the creation of the cover art as a […]

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