Drums of the Castle – Timballo di LaCasella

The following is a recent variation on an ancient recipe, created originally in Valenzano á Bari, by the family of my grandfather, Alfonso. Because the people of his village did not use surnames the way we do now, and because his family had lived within the protected domain of the local castle in Valentano, when […]

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Recipe: Italian Country Bread with Cannellini, Escarole and Olive Oil

Over the past few months it has been my treat to bring together in cooking classes a variety of friends, college, medical school and high school classmates, fellow writers, physicians and long-lost cousins. We remodeled an already beautiful home on Capitol Hill in Seattle by ripping out a small kitchen and creating a huge, […]

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Another Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – Wild Goose – 15 Bean Stew


The hunting trips in Canada during the winter are memorable because of the abundance of wild game that moves south. The geese should be harvested during their winter migration, preferably from grain fields, as they will have stored a lot of fat in preparation for their long journey.  We hunted in freezing weather from […]

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Another Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – "Elk Sugo for Pasta or Bread"

Elk roast is lean and sweet and imparts a much different texture and flavor than beef.  That’s why I hunt for it.


3-5  lbs Elk Loin Roast – you can substitute with lean beef, caribou or buffalo

4-6 Italian hot or fennel sausage, or bratwurst

1 half sweet onion, minced

20 slices of dried Porcini or Shiitake mushrooms

3 […]

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A Wild Game Recipe for Cold Winter Days – Wild Boar (Cinghiale) Blue Corn Posole Soup with Sausage

As dangerous as a wild boar can be in the wild, I dislike hunting for them in modern “hunts” which involve the use of dogs, GPS locators and motorized vehicles that keep the hunter far away and high above the tusks of the angry animal.  That was the way I experienced it at least […]

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