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Battling the Northerners: Stories that Shaped Widow Walk

During the summer of my second year in medical school, at the invitation of a classmate who also was a Pacific Northwest transplant, I had the opportunity to work with him as a salmon fisherman on a “reef net” boat.  That summer, I met several Lummi Tribe Native Americans who live in the area right […]

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Who Were “The Northerners” of the Pacific Northwest?

In 1844, a schooner called “Pigeon” was found adrift, empty and burned out, off of Maury Island in the south part of the Oregon Territory’s Puget Sound. The craft’s seven man crew was never found. Natives in the area attributed the disaster to an early morning attack by the “Northerners” who came on longboats.

WHO […]

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Drums of the Castle – Timballo di LaCasella

The following is a recent variation on an ancient recipe, created originally in Valenzano á Bari, by the family of my grandfather, Alfonso. Because the people of his village did not use surnames the way we do now, and because his family had lived within the protected domain of the local castle in Valentano, when […]

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Recipe: Italian Country Bread with Cannellini, Escarole and Olive Oil

Over the past few months it has been my treat to bring together in cooking classes a variety of friends, college, medical school and high school classmates, fellow writers, physicians and long-lost cousins. We remodeled an already beautiful home on Capitol Hill in Seattle by ripping out a small kitchen and creating a huge, […]

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13 Things to Remember When Writing Historical Fiction

Guest post by Avasta Press

Kelsye Nelson, the founder of Avasta Press, hosted a webinar with historical fiction author Gar LaSalle.

Gar talked about 13 things to remember when writing historical fiction. He answered questions from the audience at the end of the webinar.

Our favorite tip is number 13: Villains abound. Gar writes villains very well! […]

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Italian Translation of Widow Walk Now Available!

Guest post by Avasta team.

Widow Walk is now available with side-by-side Italian translation. You may read the English on one side, and read the Italian version on the other. It is perfect for language learners!

Italian description: A metà dell’Ottocento il Nordovest Pacifico, un vasto territorio fatto di foreste impenetrabili e […]

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Creation of “FLOW”…Bronze Sculpture

We installed two bronze sculptures a few weeks ago. This short video shows the steps: including my original maquette model, the CAD scanning, the CNC-cut blow up into industrial (blue) foam, my undercutting the foam (because the CNC can’t do that), the clay coating of the foam, the texturing of the clay, the latex molding […]

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12 Grants for Writers

Guest post by Avasta team.

Do you write full-time? Have you ever considered applying to grants for writers? Grants give writers the opportunity to work on specific project or ideas. Grants are fantastic tools to help supplement your income.

We have put together a few grants for writers. Deadlines are a few weeks away! Please click on more […]

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KSER Sound Living Interview – Isthmus & Storyteller Award

Guest post by Avasta team.

In an in-depth interview with Ed Bremer from KSER 90.7, Gar touched upon the Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award: his motivations and vision for this grant, in partnership with Artist Trust.

Gar talks about the storyteller award at (48:16). You can listen to the interview here:

The interview spanned across myriad topics: the second book in the Widow Walk saga […]

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“Historical novelist turns NW history into best sellers”

New Day Northwest, a show that airs on King 5 TV, takes a look at the award winning Widow Walk and Isthmus books, which showcase NW history in novel form.