The Fairness of Beasts Pre-Order Bundles Are Here

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that pre-orders for The Fairness of Beasts, Book III of The Widow Walk Saga, are now available. We are very happy with this book, and reviews are already starting to come in. We are honored that The Midwest Review named it a Reviewer’s Choice as well as selecting it for their Small Press Bookwatch Fiction Shelf. They wrote:

“‘The Fairness of Beasts’… once again demonstrates author Gar LaSalle’s mastery of the historical novel format and genuine flair for dramatically engaging his readers from cover to cover. A wonderfully and consistently entertaining read The Fairness of Beasts is unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for both personal reading lists and community library Historical Fiction collections.”  — The Midwest Book Review





It is 1862. A massive Union army is invading the verdant peninsula of Virginia to take Richmond and end the Civil war. In the rumble of this conflict, a young woman’s wounded lover stands in harm’s way. To rescue him, she must risk everything she holds dear and cross enemy lines. The fate of her young family hangs in the balance, as does that of the entire nation. The risk she takes turns out to test her heart beyond anything she could have imagined.


Order Before October 23 & Get the Pre-order Bundle

I’ve worked with the Solipsis Publishing Team to put together a special pre-order bundle of bonuses that is complimentary to anyone who pre-orders a copy of the book. I thrilled that The Fairness of Beasts is ready and look forward to hearing what you think!

  • “Hidden History” Timeline: A beautiful vintage timeline we commissioned to show how the saga fits into the arc of American History
  • “Behind the Scenes” Podcast Series: Over a series of podcast episodes, Gar tells the stories that inspired the characters and events of the saga
  • Complimentary ebook copies of Widow Walk & Isthmus, the first two books in the series


Here’s how to get yours

1. Click here to pre-order the book on Amazon
2. Redeem your pre-order bundle with your Amazon order number at the bottom of this page
3. All set!