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The Fairness of Beasts

The FAIRNESS of BEASTS by Gar LaSalle BOOK III in the Widow Walk Saga 

It is 1862. A massive Union army is invading the verdant peninsula of Virginia to take Richmond and end the Civil war. In the rumble of this conflict, a young woman's wounded lover stands in harm's way. To rescue him, she must risk everything she holds dear and cross enemy lines. The fate of her young family hangs in the balance, as does that of the entire nation. The risk she takes turns out to test her heart beyond anything she could have imagined. 

Continue the journey with Emmy as she fights for her dignity, her family, and her survival.

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Praise for the Widow Walk Saga

Gar LaSalle’s third book in the Widow Walk series, The Fairness of Beasts, moves a sprawling family saga into the drawing rooms and battlegrounds of a people divided....

When the characters’ problematic choices coalesce with the savagery of war, the outcomes are heartbreaking and often horrifying, “without so much as anything that resembles even a bit of the fairness accorded to beasts.”  

Gar LaSalle’s diligent use of historical events and locations serve as a frequent reminder that this fiction is moored in a bloody past that none were able to outrun or escape.  


"The Fairness of Beasts" is the third book in the acclaimed Widow Walk saga and once again demonstrates author Gar LaSalle's mastery of the historical novel format and genuine flair for dramatically engaging his readers from cover to cover. 

A wonderfully and consistently entertaining read The Fairness of Beasts'is unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for both personal reading lists and community library Historical Fiction collections.”

-- Midwest Book Review, where The Fairness of Beasts was a September selection for their Small Press Book Watch 

Readers love the Widow Walk Saga 

"Historical fiction is rarely embraced and executed as well as is Widow Walk, Gar LaSalle’s terrific captivating novel based on mid-19th Century first settlers in the Pacific Northwest who clash violently with the indigenous people of the region. Written with "less is more" incisive brevity that invites the emotional engagement of readers, the story continues with the extraordinary journey of a heroine who endures that traumatic encounter, and through the gift of her internal strength, prevails in her odyssey through the Isthmus of Panama in the second book, and in book three, The Fairness of Beasts, into the battle fields of the early Civil War. One might very easily compare this highly engaging journey to HBO’s, Game of Thrones, but plausible, (without the dragons)."  

-- Tom Skerritt. Actor, Producer, Director, and founder of Heyou Media

"Widow Walk combines Pacific Northwest History with a story of survival, savagery, beauty, hope and love. The detailed struggles and perspective of each character (my favorite was Emmy) provided insight into their motivation; and with so many emotions to experience, I felt like I was there. If you're an empathetic person, you'll instantly feel the story, the surroundings and the people; and if you aren't empathetic, you might be after you read this book. Each chapter is spelled out in a tantalizing way.”

-- Tina Minnick, Amazon Reviewer

Richard Barager

"Widow Walk is American Historical Fiction in the finest tradition, a direct descendent of 'Last of the Mohicans' and 'Cold Mountain.' LaSalle recounts the brutal, poignant clash between Native American Indian tribes and white settlers in the Pacific Northwest with economy and beauty, writing clean, devastating prose that clutches at your heart. This lean, unsparing narrative will make you look away in sorrow--before raising your fist in triumph. A quintessential rendering of the American Experience."

-- Richard Barager, Author of Altamont Augie, Silver Medal winner 2011 Book of the Year Awards

"Isthmus' is a gripping, lucid grassroots story of the times set in in the 1800's. LaSelle declines the strict use of great battles and big men as its fulcrum, opting instead for a look at the people of these times, creating an absorbing social history." 

-- Debra Hancock, Goodreads Reviewer

John Soennichsen

"... one of those rare combinations of a first-rate story enhanced by three-dimensional characters and told with historical accuracy. The author deftly weaves the stories of many compelling characters into a single cord that pulls the reader through an exciting time in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Widow Walk does justice to this colorful, exciting, yet sad tale of settlement in this wonderful part of the North American continent."

-- John Soennichsen, Author of Death Valley and Bretz's Flood

Awards & Accolades

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Gar LaSalle, author of the award-winning Widow Walk Saga

About Gar LaSalle

Gar LaSalle is an award-winning author and filmmaker, a physician, a sculptor, and a creator who has been honored widely in the fine arts and medical communities for his leadership and creativity. 

The Widow Walk Saga novels reflect his love of history and the Pacific Northwest and have been widely recognized. Widow Walk, Book I of the saga, was recently optioned for the screen by Seattle's Heyou Media. Widow Walk also garnered the Eric Hoffer Award for Literature, the eLit Silver Medal, the IndieReaders Award for Best Novel, and Isthmus become a finalist for the PNWWA Nancy Pearl award for literature.

Gar is co-founder of TeamHealth, the nation’s largest physician staffing company. He also teaches the business of medicine to physicians and faculty at the University of Washington and as an adjunct clinical assistant professor at the Cornell - New York Hospital / Columbia - New York Presbyterian emergency medicine post-graduate program.

He works out of his Pacific Northwest writing studio in Seattle, Washington.

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