“El Verdugo” in the Isthmus

In anticipation of the publishing of Isthmus, the first sequel to Widow Walk, I believe it is important to describe some of the history of the Panama region during the time Emmy Evers and her family would have traveled there en route home to Boston. Let us start with one of the most notorious and legendary […]

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The Camino Real of Panama


This past week I traveled with Christian Strassnig the director of Cultour ( and Camino Real Project ( into the Jungle of the Chagres National Park where he, his colleagues from the Instituto Nacional de Cultura and the mestizo peasant community recently recovered portions of the Camino Real, a paved four-foot wide […]

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The Backstory on Gar LaSalle

Have been on the East Coast (Knoxville, Nashville, Orlando) since the beginning of March.  This next week I present an overview of our Patient Safety Organization for the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) in Washington DC.  Will return the PNW briefly to Walla Walla then return finally for a few weeks in […]

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