Designing a great book cover is an intricate project that requires time and craft, and I have always enjoyed the process. For the cover of The Fairness of Beasts, book III in the Widow Walk saga, I am delighted to be working with two of the artists who helped design my previous covers as well.

Randy Mott, an award-winning graphic designer with 25 years of experience, has again used his talents to design a medallion for the cover. This time he incorporated elements from the Civil War military-era to coincide with one of the main thematic threads of the third book.

Neil Gonzales, art director and award-winning cover designer at Greenleaf Book Group, has again put his formidable talents to creating the cover itself, blending together the images, texture, and color that will speak for the story from without.

Neil has been kind enough to create multiple variations of the final cover, and what I need now is your feedback. Please review the following three finalists and let me know which of them you think should be the cover of The Fairness of Beasts when it is published later this year.

Please scroll through the three options, click inside the radio button of your favorite, then click “vote” at the bottom.

Thank you for your help!

Which cover do you like best?
  • The first option features cannon from the era, evoking a strong sense of motion as the characters move across the open field.
  • The second option features a fire in the distance, offering an element of mystery to the story behind the two characters watching from our vantage point.
  • The third options brings together both motion and the fire, pulling back a bit and letting the landscape roll, giving this cover option the most angular feel.