Guest post by Avasta team.

In an in-depth interview with Ed Bremer from KSER 90.7, Gar touched upon the Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award: his motivations and vision for this grant, in partnership with Artist Trust.

Gar talks about the storyteller award at (48:16). You can listen to the interview here:

Sound Living Interview with Ed Bremer

The interview spanned across myriad topics: the second book in the Widow Walk saga (Isthmus), character development, and documentary filmmaking.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

About character development: “I worry about my characters. I have a big whiteboard to try to create a structural process that begins with fade in and ends with fade out. What I have found is you leave a lot of open stories (at least I did) that need to be resolved.”

About documentary film making and writing a novel: “I love putting puzzles together. I like constructing things and pulling them together and creating a atypical structure in some way. The creative process of taking disparate parts, seeing what matches, and seeing if you can create a cohesive whole.”