We installed two bronze sculptures a few weeks ago. This short video shows the steps: including my original maquette model, the CAD scanning, the CNC-cut blow up into industrial (blue) foam, my undercutting the foam (because the CNC can’t do that), the clay coating of the foam, the texturing of the clay, the latex molding of the clay forms, the plaster of paris coating of the latex molds, establishing the wax positives inside of the latex molds, installing the gates & channels for the molten bronze, the ceramic coating of the wax positives, the burn-out (“Lost Wax”) process, the bronze melting and the pours, the sand-blasting of the bronze, the welding of 68 separate pieces, the chasing of the bronze to hide the welds, the polish and hot patination, the creation of the bronze troughs, the installation of the two completed pieces into the courtyard, the pre and post granite shelving for the fountain.  This process took one year and start to finish I had the help of Ion Onutan and his remarkable crew at Classic Art Foundry in Seattle.  Classic Foundry​ provides metal, wood, and structural services for sculptors and industrial clients.  Excellent, reliable work.  More pieces to come!