NBC’s KING-TV affiliate will interview on its Morning Show Gar LaSalle about his book.  The segment will appear Monday, July 15th or sometime thereafter.  

Interesting new review from Great Britain:


“Although I’m a Scot, I have always been interested in novels and articles of the Native American peoples so when given the opportunity to read Widow Walk, I jumped at the chance. “Widow Walk is historical fiction depicting real and fictional characters and events”. It kept me entranced from the first to the last page.

The main character is Emmy Evers, a strong willed and determined woman. A widow, with a young daughter, met and married Isaac Evers and moved to Whidbey Island; where Isaac had established a small settlement. Emmy, now also the mother of a 5 year old son, Jacob, is the backbone of the couple, guiding Isaac down the right path, when he has repeatedly blundered into making incorrect decisions. When he’s called up to perform his duties as a Volunteer, she rises to the challenge and takes over the homestead and family business; making it into a bigger more profitable enterprise.

As other characters are introduced, you are led along a historical journey involving the Native Americans, United States Army, British Forces, Trackers, Guides and many more. Gerard LaSalle, a highly educated man of many talents, uses his knowledge of historical events to paint a rounded story of the challenges faced by many, the amorally wrongdoing by a number of factions and atrocities committed by all sides. His descriptions of the land, huge and natural but with terrible winters bringing hardships are astounding.

I love the portrayal of 10 year old Sarah, Emmy’s first born. She is her Mother’s daughter but with more developed senses; “an old head on young shoulders”. She sees beyond the presented facets of other people’s personalities. Jacob is a young child who finds himself in a situation no human should but shows the inherited courage of both Emmy and Isaac. In contrast, I would never like to meet characters such as Rene Marte and Cull, conniving murderers who have no thought for human lives.

As Emmy searches for her son, she is helped by Jojo, a tracker from the Tyee Nuxalk Bella Coola Valley Clan; as a favor from Captain George Pickett. The hunt is fast paced with the sense of discovery always on the horizon.
Widow Walk is a fantastic, entertaining read for those who enjoy reading a novel which draws in a number of factions and characters and brings them into the main plot.

LaSalle’s ability to describe characters like Anah, a vicious, powerful native of the Haida but who as a child experienced terrifying and horrific events makes this a novel which will leave the reader deep in thought long after the last page is turned. The ending did not finish where I thought it was going to end, probably because I’m a born romantic, but this in no way detracted from my pleasure in reading the book. In fact, I have since been delighted to find out there is a sequel in the works, Isthmus.”